Do You Ask “Why Me?” All The Time?



I had a bad day the other day. I was in tears. A not-so-nice man came to my class and I left thinking Why, Why?

I sat in traffic on the 405 (for those non LA dwellers, it’s an awful span of highway known here as freeway, but I can assure one never feels free on the 405) and I blasted rap music and I said Why, Why? I came home, and yes, wallowed in my own suckery. That night I taught a spectacular class. I mean, the kind of class where years from now, over a glass of wine, I will think back and say, “Yes, that one.”

I played a song and everyone sang. Even the men. Even the godawful singers like me.

So I remembered a few things that day:

~One asshole doesn’t maketh a world full of assholes (even though at the time it may feel that way.)

~If you look around for assholes and only expect assholes to show up, lo and behold, guess what shows up?

~The very worst day in the world and the very best day in the world can be the same day. Irony at it’s finest.

~Singing out loud cures most things.

~Life ebbs and flows. Every once in a while the ebb outweighs the flow but mostly the flow has got your back. (What’s up, Flo! You got me?)

~ A bump in the road is not the end of the world. Just wear your seatbelt so your head doesn’t hit the roof too hard. And if it does, bandage it up and move on. It will heal.

original article read here


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